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Session Information

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What you can expect…

Your experience will start with a consultation and clarity session where I get to know your dreams and intentions for the images so we can begin to design your sacred day.  We’ll create location ideas and inspirations of what will make your heart sing.


On your Photography day you can expect a customized card reading where we explore the synchronicities of your life and dive into what makes you so amazing.  You will connect with & be nurtured by nature, your trusted wisdom and your creative spirit will have an opportunity to shine.


Within a week we will review your images together.  This is where my excitement sparkles… I get to show and express to you the beauty of who you are and what is felt in the portraits.  From there we will narrow down your favourites and you will receive a bundle of authentically retouched images depending on the package you choose.


Our journey together will come to completion with a reflection call to integrate your transformative Ah Ha’s and bask in the glory of how things are unfolding.


You can choose from a full day, half day or quarter day session.  Sessions start at $750


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